BlueGood Design, LLC is a technology, design, and consulting firm based in Lexington, KY. We specialize in web design, logo design, and mobile app development. Simply put: We help Kentuckians (and others) make cool stuff, and we teach classes so you can learn to DIY.

The Bluegrass region has been our home for over 30 years, and we particularly enjoy working with other Kentucky small businesses. Our goal is to teach you as much as you want to learn about the work we do.

BlueGood Design Classes

We also have a consulting branch of local specialists who teach classes and conduct consultations on utilizing technology to grow your business.

Our category specialists offer both small group mentoring and also larger breakout sessions for your Kentucky business or nonprofit. Check our class schedule for upcoming classes. We love the Bluegrass region and we want to support our local economy, so we are happy to work with you to develop a program that meets your needs and budget.

We cover topics like:

Whether you want to build a website for your small business or nonprofit, design a memorable logo, create a cutting edge mobile app, or take a class to increase your knowledge, we’re ready to help.

When was the last time you created something awesome? How long have you been wanting to do this? Let’s do it today. Like, right now.


Do Good. Bluegrass. BlueGood.