wordpress plugins

Make Your Website Better With WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the best thing about the self-hosted WordPress community. Just about anything you might want to do with your website can be accomplished by using a plugin that someone else has already created. Because WordPress is an Open Source project, anyone can access and contribute to the codebase. This allows WordPress developers to […]

Wordpress Appearance Settings

Digging Deeper into WordPress Appearance Settings

Let’s continue exploring the WordPress admin panel we introduced in the previous post. The admin panel holds many powerful features that control the look and design of your WordPress website, and as a DIY small business owner, you’ll need to become familiar with all of these features–particularly those under the heading of the WordPress Appearance […]


Learning the WordPress Admin Panel

Once you’ve made the decision to use WordPress to build your small business website and installed the files on your server, the next step is to get familiar with the WordPress admin panel where you will spend most of your time. As I mentioned in the previous post, WordPress has an excellent backend interface where we can […]


Getting Started with WordPress

Not long ago, building a small business website required either personal knowledge of HTML and CSS or a budget to hire someone with that knowledge. No changes could be made to a website without understanding the coding languages on which the web was built. That all changed around the turn of the century with the invention of the user-friendly Content […]