App Design & Development

Nothing engages your audience like a well-designed mobile app. Apps quite simply can do things that a website cannot. Not every business needs a mobile app–we’ll be the first to admit that. But, for the right business, an app for iOS, Android, or both can take your brand to the next level.

You may have heard of our most famous app. It’s called Follow That Food Truck! and it’s currently being used in over 20 states to locate food trucks with GPS. We even won an award for it at a local business startup competition here in Lexington, Kentucky.

We know what we’re doing when it comes to designing apps. We work with iOS and Android. We are developers, graphic designers, and user experience specialists. And we all work together fluidly with you to create your project.

Why Build a Mobile App

A well-designed app can help grow your business by:

  • Engaging your customers on a new level
  • Sending targeted messages directly to your user’s phone (proven to be the most successful way to reach them)
  • Utilizing GPS to broadcast events and locations
  • Gathering usage analytics and user data
  • Creating new types of opt-ins
  • Sending out promotions or coupons
  • Driving traffic to other platforms
  • Expanding the reach and presence of your brand
  • Creating interactive games or challenges

Our Quality Guarantee

We don’t deliver an app unless we’re proud of it. We believe in quality over quantity and we therefore painstakingly pore over every line of code, every pixel of every graphic. We want our design to be as close to perfect as we can get it, and we will execute that same level of craftsmanship on your project.

There are a lot of app developers out there who will slap together some code with some stock graphics and call it a day. That’s not how we work. We have a meticulous development cycle of research-design-build-test and we iterate on that cycle as often as is necessary.

We promise to deliver a top-quality, well-coded app that works the way we designed it to work every time.

How to Get Started

We take app development very seriously, but we also happen to love doing it! When we find a business for which a mobile app is a good fit, we get excited. Let’s get together and talk about how an app can grow your business and engage new customers. The consultation is free, so you might as well give it a shot. You may even be surprised at how quickly we can start bringing your very own app to life.

We especially enjoy working with other Kentucky small businesses. Look forward to hearing your ideas!