Learn to Build a Website with Wordpress

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One of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever learned is how to build a website. It’s a skill that literally earns me money every day. I’ve been designing and building WordPress sites for clients in Kentucky for over 6 years, and I want to share what I’ve learned.

Whether you’re looking to build a website for your small business or nonprofit, or even if you just want to create a personal website, this class is for you.

Build a Fully Functional Website in Just One Hour

Gone are the days when a business could get by without a web presence. Customers use the internet to find what they need, and it’s crucial that you go to where they are. If they search for you and don’t find you, the business will go to your competitor.

The good news is it’s easier than ever before to build a basic website for your business and reach a new digital market. In fact, you don’t need any previous knowledge of web design or coding. I will teach you how to do it.

Enter WordPress. And the people rejoice! If you haven’t heard, WordPress is a content management system, or CMS, that basically works like a self-contained package which comes ready-made to build a website.

With only a few simple steps, you can build a website using WordPress. By the end of this one-hour class, you will have a fully-functional website that YOU designed and built. Crazy, right?

What You Will Learn

In the Learn to Build a Website with WordPress class, we’ll cover:

  • Selecting a domain name
  • Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • How to create a WordPress.com account
  • Using the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Choosing a Website Theme
  • Creating a Custom Navigation Menu
  • Building a Contact Page
  • Uploading images
  • Integrating Social Media Sharing

In one hour, you will have a fully functional website with your business name, a home page, a contact page, and a blog, as well as some sharing tools for social media integration.

As a teacher, I think the best part about this class is that you will learn how to build a website, so you can repeat the process on your own. I want you to feel comfortable doing this so you can be empowered with this knowledge. That’s my primary goal.

You can view our schedule of upcoming classes on our calendar. We keep classes small in order to offer hands-on training. Only five spots per class, so be sure to sign up early. We also offer a two-hour Advanced WordPress Website & Hosting class for those who want to learn even more about building and hosting websites with WordPress.

Sound good? I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals.